Announcements - March 13, 2020

Offer Limit, Removed

In light of the number of negative feedback we received for the sellers offer limit, we will be removing this limit.

This means that all sellers can list unlimited offers without running out of space or needing to upgrade. When creating your offer, remember to use the ‘Filters’, if any are available for your game. If you do not use the filters it can be hard for customers to find you. We will help you and send a notice of any recommended changes, if we see any. Anyone that has already purchased a offer limit upgrade will be compensated.

The verification limit will still be in place. Though, we are raising this limit from 2 to 5. Once you reach the 5 offer limit, you will need to become a verified seller to list more.

We are sad to see this being removed as a ‘gamification’ feature of MoG. Of which, encouraged usage and sells. The more sells you received, the higher rank you received, then more offers would be unlocked for free. We do understand everyone’s concerns though and are happy to oblige.

We will continue to modify the gamification and add more features in the future. If you have not already, have a look at the Seller Ranks to see current available badges and granted upgrades.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.