Announcements - April 12, 2020

Messaging + Updates

First, I would like to announce that we have officially completed the re-design of MoG. We hope that you find it easier to navigate.

A few changes has also been made to the website. I will go over the new features then talk a little bit about our future plans.

Messaging and Announcements

Messaging between buyers and sellers after a order is placed has received a huge overhaul. The message box will no longer show on the order page; this has been replaced by a message button.

Before this change, it was only possible to view and send messages on order pages and announcements were only sent to sellers; while buyer announcements were from update posts, such as this one. We have been working on changing the message system for a while now and have finally completed it.

Now, both buyers and sellers will see a contact button on the order page. This will redirect you to a messaging page where buyers and sellers can communicate with each other easier and faster. Announcements are also now sent to both buyers and sellers and can be viewed on the messaging page.

Desktop notifications of new messages will be sent, if enabled. Email notifications of new messages will be sent, if enabled. A notification sound will also be played.

Withdrawal Options

Bitcoin and Webmoney has been added to sellers withdrawal option. We are working on adding Payoneer in the near future.

Future Plans

Logic: When we first created MoG, we created the games as logical categories; meaning, one category can be shared between multiple offer types. i.e. Accounts and CD Keys share the same filters, so they are not separated, but can be filtered. More than 50% of our users find this difficult to operate, so we will be changing how the offers are categorized and remove this logic. This will take a extensive amount of time and testing for this change. Current offers will be updated for you after this change has been made.

Physical Items: The ability to offer physical items, is in the works. This will allow sellers to offer items such as Consoles, Accessories, Physical CDs, and more.

Coaching Services: Coaching Services is another offer type that we will be adding later down the road. This is still under discussion on how we will operate this offer type service. The main question that comes up while we create this service is; should we add a booking option? Without a booking option, sellers will not be restricted to a schedule. With a booking option, sellers will be restricted to a schedule and will not be able to accept new orders for already purchased time slots.

Affiliates: A affiliate system has been in the works but may not be released until later in the future.


[New] Messages and Announcements for Buyers and Sellers

[New] Bitcoin and Webmoney withdrawals