Announcements - May 25, 2022

Maintenance Update 05-25-2022


  • improved site performance
  • improved messsaging system
  • improved seller store page
  • updated website design
  • updated forums design
  • introduced rank 35 ‘Alpha’
  • new ranks design
  • introducing quests
  • easier navigation
  • added customer menu in dashboard
  • added followers menu in dashboard
  • improved reviews system

Maintenance Update 05-25-2022

The messaging system has been redesigned to show in the seller dashboard as well as in the buyer dashboard with corresponding links logically to assist in being easier to navigate the website.

The website has received a design update which makes it easier to navigate, introducing a switch for light and dark mode, the seller store page has been redesigned. In addition, the avatars now sync between buyer and seller profiles.

A couple new menu items have been added to the seller dashboard. Sellers can now view their followers and buyers from the dashboard. The buyer menu introduces a couple new features. Sellers can view a buyers past orders as well as how much that buyer has spent with the seller.

Reviews system has received a update as well. Sellers can now reply to buyers reviews and other users can vote up or down. A review can also be marked and requested for removal under certain circumstances.

A new rank has been added, Rank 35 (Alpha). The design of the ranks have also changed for the Buyers and Sellers.

Quests have been introduced, both Sellers and Buyers can now earn MoG Credits by interactions such as reviewing or receiving a review, publishing a article, purchasing or receiving a purchase on a offer, and more.