All Best Rivens in stock (Personal price for each mod)

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This offer not for sale! (each riven mod have individual price)

Here you can find all best rivens i have in stock

If you interest any riven mod – contact me

Image hosting link for better quality:

Requirements to receive discount:

2 rivens in one order = 5% discount for full order

3 rivens in one order = 10% discount for full order

4+ rivens in one order = 15% discount for full order

-I can provide personal price for bulk buyers

Exact stats numbers and roll amount hidden for confidential and safety reason. If you need to know exact grades – contact me

To find riven for your weapon – use (CTRL + F) combination, and start typyng your weapon, for example: (CTRL + F)>rubico, after that you can see where direct rivens for your weapon: “Rubico(A3,A4,A5)”. If you can not find riven on your weapon – contact me, probably i did not post it yet. I’m always glad to help you with any questions!

Kuva Bramma(A1,A2), Rubico(A3,A4,A5), Shedu(B1,B2,B3), Acceltra(B4,B5), Opticor(C1,C2), Vectis(C3,C4), Tonkor(C5), Fulmin(D1,D2,D3), Ogris(D4,D5), Synapse(E1,E2), Ignis(E3,E4), Amprex(E5), Quartakk(F1), Glaxion(F2), Lenz(F3,F4,F5), Tiberon(G1,G2), Dread(G3), Cernos(G4), Grinlok(G5), Gorgon(H1), Paris(H2,H3), Lanka(H4,H5), Zhuge(I1), Supra(I2,I3), Latron(I4), Stug(I5), Arca Plasmor(J1), Hema(J2), Argonak(J3), Larkspur(K1), Imperator(K2), Velocitus(K3), Nukor(L1,L2), Kuva Twin Stubbas(L3), Brakk(L4), Kraken(L5), Aksomati(M1), Pandero(M2), Pyrana(M3), Euphona Prime(M4), Lato(M5), Twin Kohmak(N1), Sicarus(N2), Spira(N3), Akstiletto(N4), Castanas(N5), Ballistica(O1), Azima(O2,O3), Akmagnus(O4), Staticor(O5), Catchmoon(P1,P2), Kuva Shildeg(Q1), Kronen(Q2), Gram(Q3), Reaper Prime(Q4), Dokrahm(Q5), Plague Kripath(R1,R2), Plague Keewar(R3,R4), Dehtat(R5), Redeemer(S1), Skiajati(S2), Nikana(S3), Guandao(S4), Zenistar(S5), Venka(T1), War(T2), Destreza(T3)

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