Announcements - April 20, 2020

A slightly big change

Coaching services are now available.

If you are a professional gamer, eSports participant, or gaming coach; you can now list coaching services.

Live Chat will no longer be a feature on MoG.

This means that sellers will no longer need to be logged into the live chat to contact to buyers, before they order.

We say “need” because we are not completely removing the communication abilities. We are adding to them. You can now find that the ‘chat’ button was replaced by a “contact” button on offer pages. Sellers do not need to be online for buyers to contact sellers. Message title is pre-filled with the offer title and the message content is pre-filled with some additional information from the offer page. The same messaging system is also used for after sells.

Sellers can also find a new ‘Media’ menu in their dashboard. This page allows sellers to manage all their uploaded media on one page.

We would also like to remind everyone of our User Agreement. We have found some people violating the terms on offer pages, and issued warnings. Be sure to correct any violations, we will be browsing through profiles next, checking for any possible violations.